We create effective visual content for global brands.

What We Do

At The Canopy Media

We produce beautiful visuals. Specialising in CG visualisation, animation & VFX for global brands and products for film, TV and other media.

3D Visualisations

We specialise in creating hyper realistic; product and architectural visualisations that help to realise your brand and product visions.

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3D Animation

Bring your products to life. Showcase key features and functions with our stunning and dynamic fully produced 3D animation videos.

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We create innovative and complex sequences for high-end production sequences, product stories and brand advertorials.

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Video Production

Our team help you to tell your brand and product story through engaging moving images. We take the art of film-making to create beautiful content for your brand.

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We believe imagery can provide the foundation to your brand message. Powerful and emotive photography can help to tell your brands story. We plan, produce, commission and retouch high end studio and location based photography for the worlds leading brands.

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Studio Jams

We publish our Spotify playlist each month to showcase our favourite new music. Follow the playlist to see what tunes are currently forming the backing track to our studio days.

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